Having the right stripper and proper arrangements is absolutely key to a fun night.

1. Music – Will this be provided or will the dancer need to bring her own equipment?
2. Song Choice – Let your dancer guide your choice of music as she knows best what to dance to.
3. Is There a Theme? – Nurses, Policewomen, Firewomen – it’s all about fun so don’t be shy to ask.
4. Are there any guests she should specifically not engage during the performance? (father in laws etc perhaps)
5. What time should she arrive and where may her driver park, whom should she liaise with on arrival. 
6. Is there a changing area available for her?
7. How many people are expected to attend? There’s nothing worse than a lady preparing for a small intimate crowd of 10 and arriving to the chaos of a crowd of 50. 
8. How will payment be handled of the final balance and whom should she discuss this with. 
9. Who will announce her arrival to the group?
10. Any special requests? Let your dancer know well ahead of time so that she can prepare and rehearse them.

There’s SO much more to being a stripper than meets the eye (so to speak) a lot of planning and coordination goes into events, the ladies are limited to how many they can perform a week as it is physically strenuous and demanding – they do need their beauty sleep too you know. 

Well choreographed dance moves are vital – what you do not want is some pretty little thing who just moves around a little bit out of sync to some randomly chosen trance music. You’re looking for a well presented, professional lady who takes pride in her appearance and her craft -that’s the true key to a successful evening. For any stripper requirements in Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg or other city centers we’d love to hear from you – just click that chat button and let’s get your event sorted.

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